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He's working at Ueno Zoo as a vet doing vet things to wild animals (and cuddling the babies when he gets a chance because why the hell not??) and ensuring that all the critters at the zoo are healthy and whole!

Basically his whole life up until this point has been school and training to become a vet! Why a vet? He's not really sure. Of all the things he thought he would be as an adult a vet was not one of them! But he committed to the endeavour and he's been happy with his choice ever since! He enjoys his work and working along side the animals of the zoo.

He makes good money too! Enough that he has a little house all to himself. He has a nice car (not too expensive, he's not flash about his wealth!), a motorbike that he's been fixing up for the last two years! It's something he works on at the weekend to wind down!

Sengoku is FANTASTICALLY pansexual! He loves everyone! He's been in three serious relationships, one that almost went to marriage, two semi-serious relationships and several sexual partners. And the amount of dates he's been on in the last 12/13 years are... many! He's not a picky man, men or women or someone in between, it's never bothered him! But he's not found The One yet. That special one to settle down with! Unless you count his dog... Then he probably has!

Sengoku likes to cook! And he's pretty damn good at it!

He goes to the gym when he can and likes to keep fit. He still plays tennis and still does a little boxing as a ways to keep fit.

His dog is a German Sheppard called Felix.

He still loves reading his horoscopes! He does it every day while eating his breakfast!

He works five days a week, free on the weekends unless there's an emergency that calls him in!

Sen likes to dance and enjoy life to the fullest!

He also likes laying in bed at the weekends all warm and cuddly and happy that he doesn't have to go to work so he can have an extra half hour to lounge around in his bed!
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